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Visual Corporate Profile

Synthegis' EyeShot® gives you an intimate view of what is happening at the block or building level surrounding your storefront. Visual Corporate Profile® (VCP) aggregates information across zones, states, regions or territories — creating a three-dimensional view of your business landscape.


By running your business and location information through our proprietary analytics, Synthegis generates a comprehensive, 3-D, map-based profile of your organization - a VCP.


A VCP enables you to perform specific queries across multiple data fields. The results are then superimposed on a high-resolution image of your business landscape, instantly providing a contextual analysis for your requested information that combines query results with visual imagery.


With Synthegis' VCP, you can:

  • Review competitors, consumer demographics and distribution channels
  • Manage and track inventory and fixed assets
  • Track and respond to customer demand by location
  • Identify the best regions for increased business development
  • Improve productivity management and costs by specific site
  • Realize external and internal threats and risks by site
  • Improve business operations