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Approximately 80 percent of all business data has a location component. Can you visualize the data on your spreadsheets?


Companies generate reams of data, most of which has a geographic dimension - such as an address, ZIP code, sales territory or asset location - that is housed in separate business applications. When those business data are combined with geospatial capabilities, the solutions extend far beyond visually representing data on a map.


Spatially enabling your business data gives you a new way to see the information - and to uncover new relationships and linkages that may not be visible on a spreadsheet. Synthegis' integrated portal runs your company’s facts, figures, demographics and GIS information through our predictive analytic models to create real-time three-dimensional imagery and analysis that allow you to simultaneously analyze and view your corporate operations.


Using Synthegis' business support tools EyeShot and EyeShot® and Visual Corporate Profile®, you'll get the complete three-dimensional picture of how your organization operates, broken down by individual storefronts or aggregated by state, region or country.



Visual Corporate Profile®

Professional Land Survey Services