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Restaurants often benefit from locating near other clusters of restaurants, yet don't won't to lose significant market share to competitors. Understanding what is truly happening in and around a local trade area is critical when scouting for new sites.


Synthegis integrates your existing business data and customer profiles with GIS technology to generate three-dimensional maps detailing where your customers and competitors are - and reveals dynamic segmentation at the block or building level so you can truly understand where your desired customers are located.


By leveraging your business information, our predictive analytic models let you better site your next franchise or chain location, understand traffic counts and generators, gauge daytime populations, understand complementary businesses, forecast trends, monitor competitors and develop an accurate, 3-D picture of your business.


Are you using the same, recycled information as your competitors?


Analyzing potential sites takes more than the standard census-driven age/race/income analysis by ZIP code that your competitors use. Synthegis defines its geographic catchment areas based on your requirements — cutting across ZIP codes if necessary. Armed with continually-updated analysis and forecasts at the block or building level you can better understand what is happening in a potential site location, and rest-assured about what may be changing in the future.


With Synthegis' integrated portal, you can:

  • Geographically map customers, facilities, competitors and complementary business
  • Evaluate potential sites using information such as traffic patterns, daytime popululations and zoning permits
  • Locate present and planned transportation stops
  • Predict cannibalization
  • Enhance operational efficiencies