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Learn Where Your Best Customers Are Really Shopping


Location matters. You would never stock your Florida locations with snow shovels - but you may not be seeing the hidden, business-relevant features of your locations.


Synthegis can help.


Retailers collect huge amounts of data on both behavior and transactions: best-performing stores, customer profiles, sales data and so on. Synthegis spatially enables your business data, giving you map-based visualizations so you can truly see what is happening at a single location - or across a sales region.


Leveraging that information, our predictive analytic models lets you better adjust store configurations, understand traffic counts and generators, gauge daytime populations, understand complementary businesses, forecast trends and monitor competitors and develop an accurate, three-dimensional picture of your business.


Get Acquainted With Your Block


If you are relying on ZIP code-based information, you may be missing what is happening right on your block.


Generally, markets are defined and segmented by static, highly aggregated ZIP codes. But successfully choosing, merchandising, marketing and supporting a retail outlet takes more than the standard age/race/income analysis by ZIP code that your competitors use.


Synthegis defines its geographic catchment areas based on your requirements — cutting across ZIP codes if necessary. It provides updated analysis and forecasts at the block or building level to help you better understand changing customer demands.


Synthegis can help you better meet your customers' shopping preferences.