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Go Beyond the Zip Code with Synthegis' EyeShot®. Our fully integrated portal, EyeShot® combines mapping, corporate data, and location specific local information with powerful predictive analytics to deliver a unique multi-dimensional view of your local trade area, customers and competitors.


The Result? Silos of high level aggregated information is readily converted into actionable intelligence - your market, your customers, your location becomes clearer because of our proprietary "ground-truthing" methodology to give you a local perspective, up to date reports, maps and analysis that can easily be shared throughout your organization.


If you rely on ZIP code aggregated demographic data you may not be seeing the whole picture.

Synthegis' powerful combination of localized customer demographics and customized trade boundaries moves beyond ZIP code aggregated data enabling you to better understand your actual customers.


With a process we call "groundtruthing," Synthegis' EyeShot uses proprietary micro segmentation customized.

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August 2017

Synthegis® Receives Annual Certification of Continued Eligibility to Participate in the VDOT Small Business Enterprise Program

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